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Brutal Antipathy is a pseudonym for a blogger and forum debate enthusiast whose views often rest well outside of social baseline. A self confirmed atheist, misanthropist, and sadist, his commentary ranges from parched textbook facts to satire and sarcasm. He is a proponent of free speech and individual liberty even when these are taken to excess. His political views shift between lower case libertarian and enlightened despotism depending on the level of contempt he is feeling for his fellow humans at any given moment. His reading interests include history, general science, archaeology, comparative religion, psychology, & sociology. Other interests and hobbies include practicing various crafts, torturing his slave, blogging, playing with his dogs, collecting antiques, role playing & tactical simulation games, renaissance fairs, and cheerfully making other people miserable by holding up a mirror of their shortcomings and repeatedly bashing them in the face with it. L is the owned slave of BA. She basically has the same interests and views as her owner except in music.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Indecent Northern Exposure 1. Alaskan Apathy

My job is an administrative position, and usually involves a lot of what I call "Putting out brush fires.". Most people would call this troubleshooting and problem resolution. Due to my lack of diplomacy and overall dislike of people in general, I would never have expected to perform well in such a position. Naturally then, the malicious humor of fate would arrange it so that people assume that I can solve their problems. My undeserved reputation for this has managed to creep outside of my actual job and into the community at large, with people that I do not know and cannot possibly assist finding my work number and calling me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Architecture of O/p

When I sat out to build an O/p relationship, I knew what I wanted. This was no evolutionary ratcheting upward toward some ambiguous goal. I had a floor plan for it even before I started.

Because of this, there were no awkward questions to be had when life and O/p ran afoul of each other. The relationship was built around O/p, not O/p around a relationship. The remoteness of a dwelling for privacy and isolation were factored in. My career path needed to be evaluated in order to make it best fit what I needed. Socialization with peers and acquaintances was taken into account as some of them would not understand and therefore had to go. Financial matters were addressed, as was health care for both myself and her.
Bad Engineering Leads to This.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lifestyle Dissonance

We see it in our lifestyle all the time. Scathing attacks on principles, accusations of elitism, insistence of our offering a 'one true way'. The end is always predictable. A gross mischaracterization of the lifestyle being assaulted, ridiculous accusations that are made even more contemptuous because the accusers fail to see their own hypocrisy reflected therein, and a militant attempt to usurp the philosophy and modify it so that it applies to virtually anyone. If they cannot have the lifestyle they covet and envy, they will destroy it. We have seen this happen to M/s, and are seeing it happen to O/p even as I write. But why? What causes this illogical and juvenile behavior?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going Postal

Our Dedicated Postal Employees
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds, except in Alaska.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogs Now Made Graphic With Post Print Visuals

Yeppers! You no longer need to strain your widdle brains by trying to envision my poetic imagery. Thanks to the capitalistic power of slave labor, my blog now has relevant, 100% accurate pictures added to the entries.

A Rant About a Lifestyle

World's Sexiest Wiccans Doing Stupid Wiccan Shit
I think that today I will do some lifestyle writing. There is a lifestyle that annoys the everliving fuck out of me. I mean it annoys me like one of those sneezes that won't quite manifest itself, or an itch under the thickest callous of my foot. A lifestyle so sanctimoniously pretentious that it claims heritage in ancient secret societies and cabals. I am talking of course about the lifestyle known as Wicca.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, a sexually repressed and repulsively ugly dyke named Margaret Alice Murray decided to ride the coat-tails of her superior male predecessors and stole their Witch-Cult Hypothesis. She then proceeded to scour records of European witch trials and compiled lists of 'covens', conveniently laying to one side numbers greater than 13 so she could add those extras to other 'covens' that had less than her favorite number. Using crotch cheese made from cultivating the yeasts from her unploughed twat, she glued this obvious fabrication to the 'horned god' that existed only in her imagination, doubtless inspired by double penetration fantasies since the cave art and drawings the skanky fraud cited did not contain horns.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

L and I have been getting some e-mails of late from people that are admitting to subscribing anonymously to these blogs. To my surprise, most of them have been friendly. What I keep reading is mostly a variation of "Hi. I found your blog from an undisclosed location on Fetlife, and started reading. You don't seem very popular there,  so I am following you anonymously to keep from catching flak. I've enjoyed what I have read so far, and hope that you keep writing. Take care!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Problems with Internal Enslavement

The idea of Internal Enslavement, or IE, has always amused me. While IE does serve a very good purpose, it cannot stand alone. The proponents of IE are under the impression that a state of slavery can be created through mental mechanisms alone. There is not a single shred of psychological or historical evidence to bolster this delusion, and considerable counter evidence to discard it, but being the sheeple that they are, they follow the herd and continue to pretend that IE not only closely approximates slavery, but that it actually is slavery.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

BDSM and Fat Ugly Cows

Go to any BDSM event and you will notice a disproportionate number of beached whales. These pasty planetoids orbit the fetish snack bars clad in enough leather to upholster Eurasia, twice. A quick glance at any BDSM related website will reveal profile after profile of gelatinous cellulite just waiting to quiver for hours from the lightest slap. It is a liposuctionist's wet dream if only the trailer trash would pay for the service. The dietary needs of the Sub-Saharan African continent could be met for a year with the abundance of blubber that could be harvested from these women.