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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome Model for Slavery

There isn't exactly a wealth of information out there on how to create a slave.  There are books aplenty on training and protocols, but without an actual slave to use them on they are as useless as a copy of Windows without a computer.

"But I have a woman to use them on!" you say.  That's wonderful to know.  It wouldn't be very easy to progress without one.  But the problem is, a woman isn't necessarily a slave.  She is the raw material.  She needs forging, smithing.  And kindly me has generously decided to show you how to do that.

It has always been my position that one of the objectives in shaping a slave is to seal her slavery in such a way that her leaving of her own volition is not an option.
After all, if your slave can walk out the door whenever she wants, she isn't a slave.  She's a kinky girlfriend who likes to role play.  No, bucko, if you want an actual slave, you have to make one, and I'm going to show you the tools you need to make one.

Our mental tool kit is limited when smithing a slave, but that doesn't make those tools any less formidable.  We can make those tools even more formidable by supplementing them with more physical based approaches.

This leads to a dirty word, or rather pair of dirty words; Stockholm Syndrome.  It sounds terrible to mention this phenomenon in regard to slavery, but when the means of the syndrome are broken down, they actually fit well within many established methods of creating a state of slavery.

 There are a total of four elements needed to create Stockholm syndrome; shock, isolation, indoctrination, and reward.  None of these fall outside the realm of slave making and many already use a partial incorporation of them, but I feel that they are not used to their full potential in the context of creating a slave mentality.  Most people who set about creating a slave use one or more of these tools, but they seldom use them correctly.  Sometimes they aren't even conscious of using them and so fail to use them to their full potential.  I have taken the phenomenon and modified it to suit the needs of a slave maker.

I should point out that this is an entirely new model. I have chosen to use this model for a very simple reason.  It works.  It works so well in fact that people have done it by accident by combining those four essential ingredients.  It is important to point out that all four ingredients are necessary.  You can't mix & match.  If you don't apply all four, you get nothing.

While this model is new, everything within it has been used, usually by myself, and are proven effective.  Stockholm syndrome of itself does not produce an ideal slave, so I have tailored it to better fit that purpose because it is a fast, simple process well suited for first time slavesmiths.

Now, before we get started, you need to have made a few preparations. The first thing you need is the raw material, the person to be transformed into a slave.  This should be a no brainer, but you and I both know how many people there are without brains.  So go find one and hurry back.

The next thing you need is time, and quite a bit of it.  You need a minimum of thirty uninterrupted days, with ninety days being preferable.  What?  You thought you could snap your fingers and make it happen?  Oh, you silly, silly boy!

Next, you need an isolated environment.  A cabin in the woods, rural farmhouse, soundproof basement dungeon, or something similar.  At least one room needs to be windowless.  Be sure to stock it with food and water, because neither one of you will be leaving for a while.  A week or more supply of a liquid meal replacement for the slave is a good idea as well.  A tailored high carb, low protein diet is beneficial, but getting into the reasoning behind such a diet is beyond the scope of this project.

You are going to need physical tools before you get started.  At minimum you need a sensory deprivation hood, various implements of non-lethal, preferably non harming torture utensils, and a restraint system.  You will also need some form of portable toilet such as a bucket or bedpan.  Sanitary wipes or soap and water should be available.  Throw in a cot or something for her to sleep on.

Finally, you need a script.  You must have a clear cut picture of why you want a slave,  what behavior you expect from her, and a general plan for creating what you want during the process.  Your script will guide you through this and help you remain focused on your goal.  How do you want her to speak?  How should she respond to your presence?  What mindset do you wish to form in her head?  You need to answer all these and more.  Once you have begun to use this model, your slave will never be more receptive to behavior modification than she will during this period, so you need to be prepared to do a lot of work.  Write out a step by step, day by day script using the four components of the model along with your specific conditioning goals.  Refer to it often.

Now you are ready to begin, so lets look at those four components and see how we are going to tailor them to slavery.

Shock:  This may be physical, mental, or a combination of the two.  It can even be joined with the other necessary ingredients to blur the lines between transitional states.  The physical reality of isolation, the atmosphere of the environment, physical restraints, and even the beginning of verbal indoctrination can all be used in conjunction to supply this ingredient.  Further physical shock such as branding or painful stimulus can be added as well.  In Stockholm syndrome, this shock comes from different sources, but physical danger, either real or imagined, is the key.  The terror of being held hostage by armed criminals has done it, as has witnessing death.  Let's not go to that extreme.  What we want to induce here is a state of fear.  We want the woman to say "What the hell did I get myself into? This man is insane!"  You are going to let her mind and the environment do most of the work for you.  The isolation hood and use of painful stimulus will do the rest.  There is no way to fully measure when you have accomplished this, though if she wets herself from fear you can fairly safely assume that you've managed it.

Isolation: This is extremely important in the early stages not only to confirm the physical reality of slavery, but also to control the information flow of the slave.  I can never express enough how damaging cognitive dissonance can be to slavery, and this is especially true in the formative stage.  Outside influences must be eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum, and you don't accomplish that while she is going to work or college, when she is meeting with friends and family, or when she is half a continent away and being 'trained' remotely.  The sensory deprivation hood works for the first few days, and the windowless room she will be kept in for the remainder of the smithing will help as well.  The other purpose of this is disorientation.  She needs to be kept off balance, without knowledge of time.  You are her one piece of stability.  Her life is literally in your hands at this time,  and she needs to be aware of this on a conscious and subconscious level.  Her food, water, sensory input, and level of comfort are all in your hands.  This removes her resistance and makes her compliant and suggestible.  This is where you want her to be.  The windowless isolation room should have no clock, radio, or other source of entertainment.  You are her existence at this point.  You are her universe and sole source of stimulation.

Indoctrination: You've blistered her bottom and locked her in a dark cell.  Great! Now what?  You don't expect her mind to fill in the blanks, do you?  Indoctrination is more than reciting a few mantras.  This is the foundation of training her to be a slave. Yes, you do want to make use of those mantras, but you also want to establish the basics of what behavior you expect from her.  If the first two steps have been followed, her mind is never going to be more open to programming than it is now.  Be very prepared for this step.  As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once.  Use dialog conducive to what you wish to develop.  Tell her what she is. Inform her "You are a slave." or "You are a boot licking dog that is blessed to be graced by my presence."  Whatever mindframe you wish her to adopt, begin by telling her.  Then move on to another subject. Eventually pose your statement as a question.  "Who are you?"  Any answer other than the one you have given her must be punished.  Repeat this process. Make her repeat it.  Take a flogger or crop to her and make her repeat it with every stroke.  Continue until she mumbles it in her sleep.  While you are working on the primary indoctrination, slowly add others. "You exist because I allow it."
"Service is your highest goal in life."
"You will never refuse an order from me."
"The reward for disobedience is pain."

Use your imagination and shape the indoctrination to your tastes and needs.  I can only give you guidelines at this point.  What is perfect for me might be undesirable for you.  The indoctrination for a pure sex slave will be different from a more well rounded slave, as will a pony slave.  If sex is your primary focus, begin conditioning her to maintain a state of sexual readiness at this point.

Reward:  Your slave to be has begun to comply.  She is past her initial terror, and has settled into a calm resignation. You need to reinforce that positive behavior.  When she responds correctly, reward her.  Give her a gentle touch, tell her that she is a good girl, give her an orgasm.  Let her see that while negative actions have unpleasant consequences, positive actions have desirable consequences.  If she takes initiative in a positive manner, say she kneels and kisses your feet unprompted (unless of course this is contrary to your commands), reinforce that behavior accordingly.  Perhaps release her restraints and allow her to exercise for twenty minutes.  Praise her, let her know that she is well on her way to being a slave.  Express your pleasure in seeing her make such progress.  Pave the way to let her create her own rewards.  A skilled slavesmith lets the slave in making do some of the work for him.  When you remove her hood, explain that its removal is a reward for correct behavior.  Unless she is a complete idiot, she will associate other things like being allowed to use the toilet as a reward as well.  When you finally remove the bulk of her restraints, her mind will automatically translate this as a reward.  Think outside the box.  A reward can be as simple as being allowed to take a shower.  And don't forget to remind her that any reward she is given can be retracted on your whim.  Do not hesitate to fall back on painful motivation if she slacks.  This is not the time for leniency and forgiveness.  You are establishing a pattern for all future behavior, and cannot afford to let compassion and sympathy get in the way.

A rough breakdown of the time frame these events will unfold in is as follows. The period of shock is brief. lasting from one to three days.  There can be a delayed shock reaction as she fully absorbs the situation, so the shock might not set in until day two or three.  Sensory deprivation should continue at least through the shock period, and preferably until she is providing consistent evidence of compliance.  Secure restraints should be employed until the last day of the process, and the slave should remain within the windowless room for that period.  Indoctrination may begin immediately, and the reward process should see a gradual escalation as her behavior and responses improve.

Further notes:  I strongly recommend immobilization restraint in conjunction with the sensory deprivation hood.  One way to accomplish this is to use an ottoman bolted to the floor.  Before bolting the ottoman down, place some form of padding, preferably waterproof, beneath the ottoman to protect her knees.  Place the slave on all fours over the ottoman and restrain her limbs to the legs.  A bedpan or bucket can be placed behind her while she is in this position, and the added humiliation and dependence from being in this condition will greatly speed along the process.  Remember those liquid diet replacements?  This is where they come in as well, as she can be fed in this position.  The slave can sleep this way, though it will not be very comfortable, which is part of the point. Comfort is a reward. You will be responsible for her hygiene at this point.  She isn't going to be able to clean herself while restrained and hooded, now, is she?  Self hygiene is a privilege  a reward, and she has yet to earn it.  Three to five days is an optimum time frame for this.  Sensory deprivation will make it seem much longer.

Do not leave the immediate area with your slave in this form of restraint.  There are ways in which you can safely leave, but they are expensive, complicated, and beyond the scope of this little piece.  The slave may think she has been abandoned, but with the level of restraint she is under, leaving her unattended is dangerous.

This is a bare bones, quick and dirty guide to creating a slave.  I wrote this on the fly, and quite possibly neglected to mention a dozen or more important things.  If I notice something lacking, I'll revise it as I catch it.  I can tell you for certain that there are numerous things I failed to add here which would help to solidify the slave mindset.  I have spent over two decades honing and refining the slavesmithing process, have invested hundreds of dollars in books and magazines, and have used countless hours of trial and error to get where I am today.  My sole compensation for this labor is a slave of seven years.  Considering that I have handed you a wealth of knowledge today, you should count yourself damned lucky.  While I have barely scratched the surface, you really do have before you the information you will need to create a slave.

Of course you are going to lose her in a couple of years, because I didn't touch on the subject of slave maintenance.  Your hard work is going to wear off eventually and she is going to strut out the door.  But hey, you get what you pay for, right?  If you want more details, if you want the mechanics of the psychology to actually understand what you are doing, if you want the tools necessary to keep your slave in the state you have gotten her into, you can do one of two things.  You can either spend the time, money, and energy needed to go out and find the information-then piece it together into a workable system, or you can take a line from Jerry Maguire and show me the money.

 Free ride is over. Get the fuck out of my truck.


  1. I know a man who has done this and certainly faster than 30 days. He uses a full isolation helmet with light, headphones, and breathing apparatus, and microphone. A deprivation tank, combination of whips and cattle prods, needles, ice and hot cloths.

    Blacking out a diving helmet, adding lights and headphones is a simple thing.

    Deprivation tanks are fairly easy to build. Phased feedback loop using sound cancelling technology allows you to make a totally silent environment which will break most people in 24-72 hours. In the tank they are restrained by ankle and wrists on retractable lines, so they can pull and move with resistance, but always pulled back to a spread position. They can struggle at first, but over time, they tire.

    The total absence of light and sound is terrifying to the human brain which always has input in normal circumstances.

    After a period in water, they are taken out and restrained in the same position, but sometimes standing, sometimes horizontal face down and face up, and finally upside down.

    During this time they are whipped, shocked, poked with needles (never breaking the skin), touched with ice and very hot towels. All of this done randomly over the body with time and spacing, also with flashes of lights sometimes, none, and light preceding or just following.

    They hear phrases always in the first person and told to repeat. Once they comply, those repeated phrases are recorded.

    Diet of high carbohydrate-starch-sugar are fed, then the subject is giving the shocking-whipping etc. They exhaust themselves and in topor, they hear their own voice repeating the phrases.

    It is best that these phrases are positive. So rather than "I am not worth anything" they hear, "I serve and obey." The phrases are all simple, they are given with binaural beats causing alphawave to inject these ideas directly into the subconscious.

    Single phrases are repeated over and over, back into the tank, complete silence, then the phrase but nearly inaudible. Lights come on, sometimes flashing, sometimes on but pulsing, other times on continuously for a period, then pure black.

    Out to torture until exhausted, then back in tank, this time fed same high carb, with soothing sounds and the phrase of obedience, serving, submissive. Their mind begins to associate peacefully floating with fully fed, fully relaxed and soothing feeling. So nice to be obedient.

    Any recording of resistance are fed back during torture, with flashing lights, discordant sounds, random pain and discomfort, followed by food, floating, soothing sounds of themselves repeating the desired phrase of obedience.

    Then while floating and very relaxed the shocking sounds, lights come for an instant, then back to relaxing, when fully relaxed again shocking sounds and lights, cycled over and over, then out for torture
    back to tank
    out for torture
    back to tank.

    Finally, sexual pleasure, with torture being very mild, and the soothing phrases of obedience. Add phrases about loving a whip, feeling love flowing through a whip, while giving sexual pleasure.

    Breaking down a mind like this takes less than 72 hours, reconditioning the mind the same. After this, one needs to always be consistent. Gradually introducing more and more distraction while reinforcing the desired behavior.

    The man I watched to this was highly educated in the brain, learning and behavior. The women he trained for wealthy men were way above Stepford Wives. They were far more response, intelligent, elegant and seemed infinitely more obedient, eager to please.

    1. Hi,

      I would love to talk to this guy. I know that sensory dep meses with our perception of elapsed time, but am curious as to how well that distortion works in relation to conditioning and imprinting.

      Thanks for your input.

  2. Well yes but mainly, no. You chose the words and words have meaning. The 'Stockholm Syndrome' is a mental conditioning in a person arrived at by force of a person (or even a state as in European colonialism) rendered into captivity and for a person, either by threat of violence or death...cooperates or submits. (in the capture if a state...the threat is slavery or submission or you are jailed or killed and by force of gun powder)

    That force being made quite obviously by example in pain and chains or both, in one form or another. After a short time, the captive thereby becomes totally dependent on [her] captor and that dependence is for her very survival. Then the captive becomes totally dependent on her captor for food, human functions and is often then required to behave as directed or perform for that survival.

    Then the captive becomes mentally or psychologically attuned to her live's minimal needs and becomes appreciative of her captor meeting those needs. This has her take on the behavior of then thanking her captor. In the case of a serial rapist killer, his victims begin to appreciate and profusely thank her captor for not only feeding her but not killing her and begins to feel as if she not only owes something in return to her captor but also eagerly begins to cooperate with and support her captor so as to avoid pain or death. THAT'S the Stockholm Syndrome' And no, one does not need tanks or torture, only bondage and some pain.

    One of the most celebrated cases of forced slavery and non-consensual captivity resulting in the victim suffering from the 'Stockholm Syndrome' resulted in the captor getting 25 to life.

    1. Let's see. Yep, pretty much a recap of what I said, at least up until the last paragraph.

      As for the last paragraph, not sure what you are getting at. Are you dragging the 'illegal' dead horse out to beat on, or are you comparing the apples of non-consent to the, hmmm, not oranges. Not even a fruit, really. The cheeseburger of consent?

      I really don't recall mentioning anything, anywhere, about abducting someone for this. But abduction cases are what you are implying with that last paragraph there.

      But do enjoy your dead horse beating and false comparison flinging. There is a kink for everyone, and those seem to be yours.