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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Search For The Elusive Patriarchy

This post was originally published on my blog SkepTex back on 11/14/2012

In order to address the accusations that will follow, I should mention in advance my perspective on this subject, and perhaps more importantly, what angles I am not coming from.

I am a skeptic by nature, and much of what I have encountered of feminism has given me cause to be extremely skeptical of it.  The hostility in which feminist's react to valid criticism, especially when much of that hostility is viscous character assassination and ad hominem, brought my suspicions to the surface years ago.  Since that time, I have taken it upon myself to investigate many of their claims, and have found them to be lacking more often than not.  In my research I have seen others write online articles on many of these topics in a piecemeal fashion. I am of the opinion that a more unified presentation of them together might have more of an impact than scattered refutations.

My assessment of feminism is not founded on religious ideology.  I am an atheist, and do not subscribe to those notions.  Neither is my position based on misogyny.  I hold women in no less, or more, regard than I do men. I am in fact in a committed and mutually fulfilling relationship with a woman.  My opinion is not based on right wing Conservative notions.  My political views do not subscribe to any of the conventional or minor political parties.

I should also point out that I have no desire to turn back the clock and retract female equality.  I believe that the Equality movement was a great step forward and was sorely overdue.  I also believe that women, like men, must be vigilant in preserving their rights and health.

Women have gained numerous rights in America, and they are wise to continue preserving those rights through activism.  But to hear feminists tell it, things remain terribly unequal.  This is where I begin to draw the line.


Over the next few days, L will be posting some writings I had done for AVfM and some from another blog I started on critical thinking and skepticism. I decided it would be best to merge them all here in one place.