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Brutal Antipathy is a pseudonym for a blogger and forum debate enthusiast whose views often rest well outside of social baseline. A self confirmed atheist, misanthropist, and sadist, his commentary ranges from parched textbook facts to satire and sarcasm. He is a proponent of free speech and individual liberty even when these are taken to excess. His political views shift between lower case libertarian and enlightened despotism depending on the level of contempt he is feeling for his fellow humans at any given moment. His reading interests include history, general science, archaeology, comparative religion, psychology, & sociology. Other interests and hobbies include practicing various crafts, torturing his slave, blogging, playing with his dogs, collecting antiques, role playing & tactical simulation games, renaissance fairs, and cheerfully making other people miserable by holding up a mirror of their shortcomings and repeatedly bashing them in the face with it. L is the owned slave of BA. She basically has the same interests and views as her owner except in music.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Further Feminist Fun

I love South Park. Creators Parker & Stone gleefully defecate on hundreds of subjects in a deliciously dark, satirical style. While their humor usually carries them far over the top, they have an uncanny ability to hit the nail on the head.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Feminist Explains BDSM

After decades of searching, I have finally found someone more clueless about BDSM than the weekend ass slappers. I know, it is hard to believe, but it really happened. About the only thing that didn't surprise me was that it came from someone in a group that is just as amusing to me as the WAS' crowd, a feminist.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Befuddled Bimbos of BDSM

These days the world of BDSM seems to be dominated by men emasculated by laundry lists of demands by self proclaimed submissives and by butt hurt bitches that somewhat rightfully equate power and authority with having a penis. While the castrated cunt clobbered cuckold caboose clappers nauseate me, they are normally too indoctrinated with BDSM dogma to even comprehend the depths to which they have sank. So instead of making these neutered wretches realize that they dwell beneath roofs of pond scum, I will turn my attention instead toward the penis envying ninnies.