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Brutal Antipathy is a pseudonym for a blogger and forum debate enthusiast whose views often rest well outside of social baseline. A self confirmed atheist, misanthropist, and sadist, his commentary ranges from parched textbook facts to satire and sarcasm. He is a proponent of free speech and individual liberty even when these are taken to excess. His political views shift between lower case libertarian and enlightened despotism depending on the level of contempt he is feeling for his fellow humans at any given moment. His reading interests include history, general science, archaeology, comparative religion, psychology, & sociology. Other interests and hobbies include practicing various crafts, torturing his slave, blogging, playing with his dogs, collecting antiques, role playing & tactical simulation games, renaissance fairs, and cheerfully making other people miserable by holding up a mirror of their shortcomings and repeatedly bashing them in the face with it. L is the owned slave of BA. She basically has the same interests and views as her owner except in music.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome Model for Slavery

There isn't exactly a wealth of information out there on how to create a slave.  There are books aplenty on training and protocols, but without an actual slave to use them on they are as useless as a copy of Windows without a computer.

"But I have a woman to use them on!" you say.  That's wonderful to know.  It wouldn't be very easy to progress without one.  But the problem is, a woman isn't necessarily a slave.  She is the raw material.  She needs forging, smithing.  And kindly me has generously decided to show you how to do that.

It has always been my position that one of the objectives in shaping a slave is to seal her slavery in such a way that her leaving of her own volition is not an option.
After all, if your slave can walk out the door whenever she wants, she isn't a slave.  She's a kinky girlfriend who likes to role play.  No, bucko, if you want an actual slave, you have to make one, and I'm going to show you the tools you need to make one.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Perpetual Pussy Pass

The pussy pass is indeed perpetual.  While feminists love to decry the imagined injustices of the non-existent patriarchy, they keep their lips sealed when it comes to the very real phenomenon of women getting slap on the wrist sentences for crimes.  Apparently, equality can be sacrificed when it comes to preserving female privilege, which is exactly what the pussy pass is.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Christian Values

A lot of things tickle my funny bone.  In fact, most human behavior does this.  But every now and then, something pops up to make me contemplate a certain subject longer than I usually do.

One of these chuckle triggers that has kept sneaking into my head recently is the term 'Christian Values'.  Now without trying to be rude or confrontational here, what strikes me as so funny about it is that every time I hear it, I want to say "Which Christian values?  You have a book which both condones and condemns slavery, genocide, infanticide, theft, incest,  and a host of other opposed concepts, so you really need to be a little more specific."