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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Problems with Internal Enslavement

The idea of Internal Enslavement, or IE, has always amused me. While IE does serve a very good purpose, it cannot stand alone. The proponents of IE are under the impression that a state of slavery can be created through mental mechanisms alone. There is not a single shred of psychological or historical evidence to bolster this delusion, and considerable counter evidence to discard it, but being the sheeple that they are, they follow the herd and continue to pretend that IE not only closely approximates slavery, but that it actually is slavery.

There is a way to make a slave. No, let me rephrase that. In this modern age where there is no legal backing to slavery, there is one and only one way of making a slave that can, if its owner wishes, be trusted to function in the outside world without bolting to the nearest authority the second such an opportunity arises.

This is not a training regimen, but rather a formula. This formula has been honed and perfected for thousands of years by military and religious institutions. This method is so effective that even police interrogators use a modified and greatly abbreviated version of it in order to secure information from suspects.

The first stage is called by a variety of names; red phase, breaking, unfreezing, softening up, etc. Regardless of what you call it, it contains more than one of the following from this incomplete list: Physical isolation, removal of social support structures (ie:family & friends), disorientation, various levels of exhaustion, control of diet and elimination, devaluation of ones past life. 

The transition between the first and second stage is blurry at best, as there is a certain continuity of tactics. The second phase consists of indoctrination, the insertion of reward & punishment, rigid control of environment & time, singular information source, devaluation, mental and/or physical coercion, behavior control, removal of all personal boundaries & privacy, repetitive mantras.

The third stage is one of incorporation. Having learned that total compliance is rewarded and that non compliance is punished, the subject begins to assimilate the conditioning out of necessity. Hypnosis is sometimes employed in this stage. The subject is forced to reevaluate their old beliefs. Information sources contrary to the indoctrination remain forbidden. Self revelation and mental transparency are demanded at this stage.

The fourth and final stage is one of internalization. The subject is now beginning to exhibit evidence of believing the indoctrination instead of paying lip service to it in order to avoid unpleasing consequences. At this point mantras have become impulsive, it is second nature for the subject to defer to their controller, cognitive dissonance has set in  which causes the subject to reject any other way of living, and the subject will tune out or even argue against information that opposes their new world view. At this stage total control can be exchanged for daily reinforcement, ritual, and intermediate monitoring.

Do you see the flaws in IE yet? There are some serious steps missing here. By way of Underpant Gnome Economics Theory, the IE formula looks something like this; 

Internal Enslavement as Taught at TSR

The problem here is that some of the major components are missing. By way of analogy, IE is a good plane engine, but the body of the plane that houses the engine is missing. You can start the engine up, and it might even lift off the ground with some aeronautic twists and loops before it crashes into the ground and burns. Tragically though, it will never achieve true flight unless it has been properly mounted into a well crafted body. The engineering specs for that body are detailed above. One can either learn from this, or they can continue to deny reality and wonder why their 'slave' relationships ultimately crash & burn.


  1. It took me a while to give up the romance of IE, that is how I cut my teeth on the idea of being property after all. Once I did I realized how flawed it really was. I love this post!!

    Can I copy it in menstrual blood on the walls of my cell? Anonymously of course!

  2. IE isn't 'wrong'. It is just incomplete. People seem to think that it is IE versus EE when in reality the two need each other in order to function. Without the solidity of EE, IE has no mechanism to generate the desired mental state. Without IE, EE creates nothing more than a prisoner.

  3. Had a a lot fun putting the Underpant Gnome picture together for you. I think it looks hysterical. I smile every time I look at it.


  4. A lot of what you outline here happened in cases like Jaycee Dugard and others. Even after almost two decades, when the chance to get free finally came, it was taken. Not right away, but eventually. The only thing i would add to this is the slave had to desire it in the first place, or else you will never be able to truly trust they won't leave.

  5. Hi nequam. Thanks for writing. I have to disagree with your assessment of the Dugard case. Even when separated from her abductor by police, she stuck to a false story. It was Garrido who broke under questioning and confessed. It was nearly two years of therapy later, therapy which almost certainly involved deprogramming, that Dugard wrote her letter of condemnation which was read in court. It also bears mentioning that Garrido is nuttier than squirrel droppings, and most likely lacked anything resembling a coherent and structured conditioning program to work with.

    That a feces flinging fruitcake like Garrido can generate a degree of loyalty in an unwilling captive using only crude and unstructured techniques is quite a testimony to the effectiveness of formulated external enslavement. This is especially true when the subject is willing to begin with. Compare it if you will to the multitude of IE alone relationships that spontaneously deconstruct when the subject was willing! Of the two, EE appears to have greater duration. Nevertheless, real longevity of O/p requires both EE and IE.

    In closing, Garrido is sick, and his actions were nothing short of monstrous. While it is true that he set out to accomplish something akin to O/p, he bears as little relation to O/p as do the military or the church of Scientology. While various people and institutions employ conditioning techniques in ways that often overlap not only other people & groups as well as O/p, their motives and goals are not the same as mine & other O/p practitioners.

    1. Sorry to take so long to get back. Totally, Garrido was definitely a nut case and not someone i would hold up as a role model for IE at all. It's a very interesting topic, one i would like to see more discussion on. Thank you for replying.