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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Kinder, Gentler Machine Gun Hand

I originally wrote this article for the site AVfM and it was published on 11/29/2011

How Feminism Capitalizes on Men’s Rights Movement Victories

Exposing feminist extremism helps to spread the MRM message. Large or outrageous acts of misandry will sometimes yank a few of the oblivious masses out of their stupor, causing them to sit up and take notice. We tend to look upon these events as small victories for the MRM as they almost always draw a handful of people to our cause.  It is only natural that we would celebrate our exposing.

We are prone to become so caught up in our taking of a hill that we fall into the trap of thinking that the hill was a victory. I would suggest otherwise.  In the fog of war against the male sex, we fail to see how extremist behavior provides a diversion from equally important issues. In some cases, the hills we charge serve to empower the more mainstream of feminists who are able to look normal in comparison to their extremist sisters. Attention is never drawn to the fact that it is always the MRM that first exposes these radicals. It is rarely stated that ‘moderate’ feminists remain utterly silent about their fringe elements proposals of male genocide until the plots have been exposed to the public eye. Only then do these mainstream feminists step into the spotlight to announce that not all feminists hold those beliefs. Feminists capitalize on misandry by presenting an image of disapproval when their radical sisters are brought to light, giving the world an impression that they themselves are the reasonable voice of feminism. Our skirmishes become victories for mainstream feminists as well.

Meanwhile, police departments and college campuses across America continue to incorporate inaccurate abuse data into their domestic violence policies. False rape accusers continue to suffer no or mild punishment for their crimes. Talk show hostesses laugh about male genital mutilation without a blip on the news radar. Men are portrayed as buffoons in innumerable television programs and commercials. Civil courts overwhelmingly grant mothers custody of children, but refuse to intervene when non-custodial mothers abduct children from their primary guardian fathers on grounds that it is a civil issue instead of a criminal one.

While the MRM revels in a ‘victory’ against radical feminists the mainstream feminist movement continues their unrelenting attack on men’s rights. Draconian laws are passed in which due process is cast out with the bathwater if you are guilty of the crime of having external genitalia. Boys are taught that it is wrong to behave as boys, indeed that it is ‘natural’ to behave in a manner diametrically opposed to what their biology tells them. While this happens all around us, the sculptors of these tyrannies, the feminists, smile benignly. This is the path of feminist ‘equality’; the kinder, gentler machine gun hand, ready to goad us at gunpoint down the hellish road of their good intentions.

Divide and Conquer

To counter the feminists win/win scenario, we must learn strategies which will allow us to expose the links between mainstream feminists and their radical elements. We must remind people that Qui tacet consentiret, silence implies consent. We must do this consistently with every battle in order to expose the hypocrisy in feminism. Society must learn that the actions of feminists do not match their claims of striving toward equality. By continually calling them out, we can force feminists to either take actual strides toward equality by supporting men’s rights issues, or to display their bigoted ideology.

Feminists enjoy claiming that there are many schools of feminist ideology. Despite this claim the average feminist will conveniently mix & match various ideologies. It is not uncommon for a feminist to portray herself as a liberal feminist while ranting about how the oppressive nature of female exploitation (Socialist feminism) is created by the Patriarchy (Anarcha-feminism) and the social construction of gender (Postmodern feminism).

Feminists fall into only two camps, those supporting gender equality and bigots. The former is by far the minority. By continually pointing out these overlaps we are able to dismantle the individual ideological shortcomings, creating rifts that actually separate what now only pretends to be separated. This tactic also has the potential to draw gender equalists into our fold.

The terms ‘sexist’ and ‘sexism’ are weapons in the feminist arsenal. Feminists often use these terms to stifle debate and criticism. Sexism has two meanings, only one of which is relevant. The first meaning is that of sexual discrimination. The second is an attitude or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles. Part of feminist theory is the distinction between gender and sex. This second definition is flawed, as it has been demonstrated in the case of David Reimer that gender has a biological basis.

Since that time numerous peer review publications and studies have demonstrated innate differences between the sexes along with the biochemical causes of these differences. To combat the feminist’s ability to employ these as weapons we must divorce the two definitions. The first definition requires clarification when it is used, as it is often applied to anyone that disagrees.  The second usage is a feminist construct rooted in their ideology that has no bearing on reality. By forcing the feminists to define their use of the terms in this manner we expose their mentality to the public.

Carrying the Fight Forward

Countering feminist claims when they are presented is a reactionary process. This tactic is doomed to failure. The feminists have already scored their sound bite, and by the time we respond their meme has already taken root while our tardy voices are shouted down by the drone of the feminist hoard. The end result is that the MRM message reaches only a small fraction of the population. While reactionary actions will always be needed, we must make strides in being proactive. To this end it is necessary that we present some form of united voice swiftly and publicly on equality issues. We need both men of words and men of action to present our side as a voice of reason and moderation.

We must find ways to reach the disenfranchised men, to offer them guidance and support. We must explore new mediums for spreading our message on local, national, and international levels. MRM and MRA websites have a limited appeal and will attract a limited audience. In order to be heard, to be a force to be reckoned with, it is imperative that we escape this corral of our own making.

Education is one key. Feminists have been preaching their gospel of misinformation for over 50 years. Males young and old have been indoctrinated with the belief that gender is a social construct. Many of those men have been further oppressed with the ancient social construct of chivalry which leads them straight down the path of defeat. Feminists have spread their false statistics not only into courtrooms which grant them the protection of men with guns and cages, but into scholastic institutions that further fuel the indoctrination.

We are now tasked with enlightening the indoctrinated. As these false beliefs and statistics are firmly entrenched, we are presented with the difficult job of digging them out and laying down a new foundation based on facts. We have to reach the lawmakers, the police stations, the student bodies, and the general public. The tools for this job are there, if only we can learn to operate them.

The New Battlefront

Our next generation will be rooted in the digital age. News, entertainment, and social events now take place at the speed of the internet. As the modern world becomes more entwined with and dependent upon electronic communication, it becomes more apparent that this is the most powerful tool at our disposal. The electronic world is our new battlefront.  We have a distinct advantage over civil rights movements of the past in that the internet is a source of communication that can tremendously speed the process of organization, outreach, and information sharing.  The second greatest tool for social reform, the printing press, is lost in the shadow of the internet.

If the internet has taught us one lesson in electronic organization, it is flash mobs. Through networking, a mob can be coordinated, brought together, and disbanded in a matter of minutes. In more populated regions with a higher concentration of activists, impromptu rallies and protests can be brought together whenever an opportunity arises. These could be staged in conjunction with political visits, or even for opportunistic media hits during live news reports. We have at our fingertips the tool to make a store opening or weather report a conveyance of civil reform.

Thousands of forums and websites open to commentary exist, and yet we employ only a miniscule fraction of these mediums. We need to think outside the corral of men’s rights, and ask ourselves what areas do not pertain to us. Our interests lay well outside the realm of MRM pages which tend to be areas of preaching to the choir. Do men not extend into the reddit pages of politics, worldview, science, advice, IaMa, and even economics? We cannot continue to box ourselves in. Innumerable forums are present for us in which we can make our voices heard. We need not be invasive, overt, or spamming. A simple discrete comment or tag line can spark interest.

Many newspapers are now available in e-print.  This throws open the door to commentary and letters to the editor ranging from local to world readership. Each and every one of those papers represents an opportunity to spread MRM awareness and concerns. Each and every paper is a chance to communicate with another frustrated, disillusioned, repressed man who has yet to find a voice for his discontent.

Petitions are another weapon that the internet has made simple. A google search for e-petitions will generate multiple hits for sites that create electronic petitions. Gone are the days of door to door signature begging. Petitions can now be created and circulated from the comfort of your home or office. With e-petitions we can enter the political arena with a force unprecedented in history. This is a weapon that we would be foolish to ignore. There is no better tool to make our collective voice be heard to the lawmakers than petitions, and no faster method of collecting signatures than e-petitions.

The one area of this new battlefront that we have occupied well is that of video. The MRM produces videos that are witty, funny, and informative. What we need are videos en masse. We also need the speakers to be charismatic, impassioned, and eloquent orators with skill at public speaking.

No better testimony to the power of charisma and presentation can be offered than the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy televised debate. Nixon appeared sickly and refused makeup. Kennedy was young and vibrant in full television makeup. It was not Kennedy’s arguments that swayed public opinion, as people who only heard the debate on the radio pronounced Nixon the winner. What won the debate for Kennedy was his visual charisma and presentation.

Today politicians are well aware of this, and utilize good speech writers and lighting in conjunction with their appearance and presentation to win votes. These are the skills and tools that we need to make the most of.

Recently a Texas judge whose belt whipping of his daughter that was captured on video was uploaded to youtube. The video quickly went viral, and as a result of that video the judge has been suspended from the bench. The power of video is phenomenal, and the power of a viral video can be earth-shaking. We need videos that go viral. To achieve this will require the work of more than individuals working alone. We need to utilize our collective wisdom and skills to brainstorm and produce videos of exceptional quality and substance. I would suggest that anyone producing videos watch a few episodes of Penn & Teller Bullshit to get a feel for the use of emotive language, gestures, voice infliction, and humor used by Penn Jillette in making his points.

A second area that we already use is that of radio. Again the internet has made it possible for virtually anyone to broadcast.  Using the non-visual tools outlined above, we can more effectively utilize this medium of communication for getting the word to the masses. Oral presentation is everything in radio, and a mixture of humor and fact is  the formula for keeping listeners engaged.

Finally we are able to resort to a variant of that great tool of liberation; the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg changed the world in the mid 1400′s with the invention of movable type printing. For the first time in history, books could be mass-produced. The first presses were monstrous apparatuses that could take up the majority of a room. Today we are able to print more literature with greater speed using machines smaller than a suitcase using a computer and printer. Flyers and handouts can be generated at home with ease. These can be passed out, left lying in reception areas or waiting rooms, stuck between the pages of magazines at a bookstore, placed under windshield wiper blades in parking lots, or scattered strategically across college campuses. Some of these are already formatted and waiting for download, and many more can be created. By adding reference sources and website addresses to these, they can help spread the word. Just a few minutes of our time while shopping or visiting the dentist can help further the reach of our voice.

These are only a few suggestions. With a concerted effort we can identify many more avenues for generating public exposure.

Sally Forth

We have been on the losing end of a battle that many of our brethren are not even aware of for too long. Lest we see ourselves subject to the kinder, gentler machine gun hand that is Swedish feminism, we have no choice but to rally our forces, hone our skills, learn to use the weapons before us, and carry the charge. We can no longer afford to celebrate empty victories while feminism claims the reward. It is our duty to expose the myriad hypocrisies of feminism while challenging them on every hill. The virtues of fact and ethical high ground are on our side. Now is the time to carry those twin virtues to the world.

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