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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The New Lepers

Minorities have had their time of oppression. When they finally began turning the tide, the oppression was shifted to the homosexuals who in turn made tremendous leaps and bounds in gaining equality. This is not to say that either group is fully free of oppression and intolerance. But both are now on the radar, and are continuing to make progress despite the loud and obnoxious vocal minority that would seek to shove them somewhere out of sight. Both groups have even managed to squeeze beneath the protective umbrella of political correctness. The PC  principle behind this being based on the concept that our language shapes our outlook and possibly even controls our thoughts, therefore modification of language allows the modifier to control and channel the thoughts of the masses, or as I prefer to call them, sheeple.

And here is where it gets even more Orwellian. Author T.H. White pinned the tail on the donkey in his book The Once and Future King with the line "Everything not forbidden is compulsory.", which sums up the Totalitarian PC mentality nicely. Sheeple look for outlets, and having been denied their usual routes, must find more arbitrary rallying points for their hatred.

And so it is that another group has come to be the new lepers of society. A group that isn't really doing much to harm anyone. When they are vocal in their communities, one can even, if taking a rational look at it, see how their cause is beneficial to almost everyone. But most people don't look at things rationally.

Instead they look at what their new and oppressive god, PC, does not forbid them to hate. PC forbids the criticism of religion, but atheists have no religion. Therefore everyone can heap their hatred upon the atheists! Thank you T.H. White, and a special thanks to the worshipers of Political Correctness!

You think I am kidding, that I am exaggerating this? Well then, this does help show how sheeple are incapable of thinking!

Did you know, for instance, that the American Cancer Society is refusing donations from atheist groups?  An offer to raise $500,000 by the secular Foundation Beyond Belief was turned down by the ACS. The whole story, from both sides, can be found in the provided links, but anyone would be hard pressed to come to any conclusion regarding the ACS rejection that did not point to religious motivation. The bottom line is simple. Curing your cancer is not worth soiling the ACS with filthy atheist money. If it comes down to treating Timmy's leukemia with godless cash or letting Timmy die, then little Timmy needs to get comfy in a new pine bed. Great message, mother fuckers! I wish there were a hell, because maggots like you belong there. Apparently the American Cancer Society has forgotten that many of their very own Nobel prize winning researchers, including double helix co-discoverer James Watson, was atheist.They also seem to have forgotten that the two largest individual donators in United States history are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, both atheists.

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Oh, but you know me. When dear uncle B.A. takes you on a joy ride, it seldom ends at the first attraction. We are driving cross country  for beer and light entertainment today, buckos.

Next stop is snowy Pennsylvania, where on October 14, an atheist dressed as a zombie Muhammad participating in a Halloween parade was assaulted by a Muslim man offended by his portrayal.

Granted, one has to admit that the assaulted man's dialog was a little corny. But the guy was choked. Not heckled, not even spit upon, but fucking choked! And just what are the police calling this? "Hate crime" you say. After all, that is exactly what it would be called if this were a black man being choked by a white man at a civil rights parade. You would call it a hate crime if the Muslim were attacking a Christian at a Christmas parade. You would even call it a hate crime if one of the Phelps clan choked a gay at a gay rights parade. But as this is a religious man attacking a non religious man, the police are, and I quote, "investigating it as a harassment"

Harassment? Har-fucking-assment? He was fucking choked, you doughnut munching, Jesus loving, Bible thunping, moronic Barney Fife wannabes! And if you would pull your law books out of your asses, doubtless where you stuck them so you could thumb to your favorite biblical passage about dashing babies heads upon the rocks as you were masturbating, you might even find where it mentions that harassment can be considered a hate crime, you fucking cum gurgling ass-hats! But instead, you are going to sip your Starbucks coffee, given to you for free because you wear a uniform and protect only the portion of society you deem fit, and slap the assailant on the wrist. Thanks, fuckwads. Thanks for sending a clear cut message that this behavior is acceptable so long as the assaulted doesn't subscribe to any of the available sky fairies. To Protect and to Serve, Except for those Cancer Causing Atheists, right douches in blue?

And our final stop of the day will be Rochester Hills, Michigan, at the doors of the Wyndgate Country Club, which provides outstanding golf, spectacular landscapes, elegant facilities and impeccable service along with nauseating, closed minded, backwater jerkoff discrimination.

Richard "The Bad Boy" Dawkins was slated to speak at a Center for Inquiry fundraiser at the Wyndgate, but the club owners cancelled his speaking engagement after learning of his atheism when he appeared on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor.

Now I am not sure how they could have just discovered Dawkins' atheism, as I am relatively sure that the man sent a personal letter to every inhabitant on Earth mentioning this back in the 80's. But this does not matter. The Wyndgate is a private club, but as it rents out to other groups, it cannot legally discriminate against who it rents to. The Wyndgate is also bound by contract law, and assuming that CFI did not misrepresent their organization, Wyndgate is guilty of breech of contract.

It is not my intention to imply that todays atheist has things as bad as the blacks of the 1920's or the homosexuals of the 1970's. Rather it is to point out that those conditions are where political correctness is leading us. This trend has been building up steam for years now. In a 2006 study  it was indicated that American disapproval of atheists is higher than their disapproval of any other minority group, including homosexuals. Add to this, a 2008 Gallup Poll indicated that more Americans would refuse to vote for an atheist (48%) than they would for a homosexual (42%).

Atheists are indeed the new lepers. This is tragic, because even when atheists are not aware of it, many of their causes support causes more wide reaching than atheism. When atheists rally to protest prayer in public schools, they are not only trying to keep Christian specific prayer at bay, they are trying to keep out prayers of other belief systems that some Christians would find objectionable as well. When atheists fight against religious encroachment into government, they are protecting likely enough your specific beliefs from being cast out with the bathwater come the institution of state sponsored religion. Remember that church you belong to? How does it differ from the church down the street?  How does it differ from say the Church of Latter Day Saints or the Catholics? Do you even consider either one of those churches to be Christian? Do either of them consider your church to be Christian? Who gets to decide? Well, in supporting school prayer, in endorsing religious events sponsored by government money, by allowing the encroachment of any religious ceremony into any tax funded public venue, You are deciding that the government gets to decide, and are thereby paving the road for an official state church religion that will almost certainly not consider your particular brand of religion to be the correct one.

So yes, when atheists protest "In God We Trust", or when they take legal action against a school for allowing public prayer at state funded scholastic events, they are telling you to keep your specific concept of god to yourself. They are also telling the Catholics, the Mormons, The Phelps Whelps, the Islamics, the Buddhists, the Hindi, the Asatru, the Wiccans, and every other cult, sect, faith, and denomination to do the same. For once in their godless lives, they are actually on your side, trying to protect your rights as much as their own.

Oh, but you are so fucking confident that your particular interpretation of god is so correct that the perfectly rational, looking out for everyone's best interest government will certainly decide on sponsoring your religious beliefs while excluding those of the heathens and infidels after you have finished empowering them that these trivial issues couldn't possibly concern you, right? After all, the American government is incapable of making mistakes, and since your particular belief is obviously the right one, the government will definitely use the new state religion exactly the way that you envision it, and won't possibly cherry pick religious passages in order to justify even more control and tyranny while hiding behind the guise of divine right. And if you believe that, I have some incredible oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you for pennies on the dollar.

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