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Sunday, January 2, 2011

There is Nothing PC About O/p

Political Correctness is a phenomenon that is sweeping the English speaking world. In essence PC is an attempt to avoid expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. There are numerous flaws in this concept, not the least of which is the violation of freedom of speech through Orwellian control of thoughts and ideas, and the fact that it turns a blind eye to genetic and sociological facts that are by their very nature un-PC. All men are not created equal as evidenced by intellectual and physiological differences, and criminals are not all victims of their environment.

But this is not about the voluminous faults of PC. This is about how PC is in direct opposition to all things O/p. At its heart, PC is about fostering a sense of homogeneous equality. O/p flies in the face of PC in that it promotes an enforced inequality between the owner and property. PC seeks to offend no one where O/p offends just about everyone that is not O/p that comes into contact with it. PC attempts to make reparations for past discrimination while O/p is inherently discriminatory. PC in its most liberally disgusting form eliminates personal responsibility while O/p makes both owner and owned personally accountable. PC offers supposed explanations for failure to succeed whereas O/p allows for no mediocre excuses for failure. PC promotes the right of a woman (but oddly enough, not a man) to decline sex at any time, apparently including  post-intercourse, and declare it to then be rape. O/p does not recognize the idea of retracted consent (and oftentimes not any other form of refusal) after initial consent has been given. PC makes a huge issue of slavery in the past while O/p actively condones and promotes initial consent (sometimes confusingly refereed to as consensual non-consent, even by myself) slavery. While the spineless cowards do not admit this openly even while it is glaringly obvious through observation, PC demands that you lie if the truth might be offensive where O/p insists on naked, sometimes brutal honesty. PC wishes to revise definitions while actual O/p exists only within a very small defined space in order to make it meaningful and coherent in light of other alternative BDSM lifestyles.

This is why there is nothing PC about O/p. Any PC dialogue is in contradiction and opposition to the practice of O/p. Anyone limp-wristed and weak willed enough to knuckle under to the encroachment of PC conversation, liberal "Don't define me!" rhetoric, and utterly ridiculous nonsense about online role playing and LDR's being equally valid in O/p deserves to be not only property, but despised and frequently beaten property.


  1. If PC offends someone, then what can be done to avoid the offense, a PC requirement?

  2. Red, I believe the politically correct method of dealing with any arguments against PC is to accuse the protester of racism and intolerance, thereby placing them on the defensive. Doesn't matter what your argument is, you are an intolerant racist.

  3. That method works well on everyone but actual racist. Go figure